Schmoomers Shepherds Pie RetroPie 256GB Image Review for Raspberry Pi 4

In this video we check out a recently released RetroPie image called Schmoomers Shepherds Pie. The build is using RetroPie 4.7.2 built on PlayBox V2 by 2Play. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 and requires a 256GB or larger Micro SD Card or SSD.

I highly recommend this cheap SSD at This SSD works great with this image and other 1TB images I have tried with my NESPi4 at

If you are looking for a nicely featured build that is fast to load and navigate through the games then the Schmoomers Shepherds Pie build is definitely one to consider. Incidentally there is a PDF included with the download which contains plenty of information about the build. Do check it out while you are writing the image to your card or SSD.