Amiga 500 Retro Restore – I’ve given it a clean

In this video we will be doing a Retro Restore on the classic Amiga 500 that I picked up on eBay. I chose this one because as you can see it is very yellowed and dirty, and there’s some stains which should be fun to remove. If I bought a clean looking one, it would be a boring video innit 🙂

Gear used in this video (Contains affiliate links):

Contact Cleaner –
Isopropyl Alcohol –
ESD Brushes Kit –
Compu Cleaner Air Duster –
Jerome Russell Bblonde 40 Vol 12% Peroxide Cream 5ml –
Onforu UV Strip Light –
Replacement Amiga Rubber Feet – htttps:// (now closed)
Amiga SCART cable –

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