Analogue 3D – Nintendo 64 FPGA console

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Analogue have announced their new project, the Analogue 3D, a FPGA based Nintendo 64 console. It is a reimagining of the N64 supporting up to 4K resolution as well as the original display modes. They also claim to have reference quality recreations of specific model CRT’s and PVM’s. They also claim to have 100% compatibility with USA, EU & Japan games.

Analogue 3D N64 FPGA Console
Analogue 3D N64 FPGA Console

Other features include wireless Bluetooth and 2.4g, with a preview of what the controller looks like below. It will have four original-style controller ports to connect your original N64 controllers to. It will run on the Analogue OS. Hidden away in the bottom of the page are the following notes:

  • Analogue 3D does not support openFPGA
  • Analogue 3D does not play copyrighted rom files, it plays legacy game cartridges via the cartridge slot.
  • Analogue 3D is not designed using software emulation. It is designed using a specialty hardware chip called an FPGA, which operates on a transistor level implementation of its functionality.
Analogue 3D Controller
Wireless Controller

No release details have been announced yet apart from it will be coming in 2024. You can enter your email address on the homepage at https://www.analogue.co/3d for further information