Anbernic RG Nano – Awesome keyring sized retro handheld

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UPDATE – June 12th – Release date, price and where to buy added!

A video has been shown of what is expected to be Anbernic’s next retro handheld. The Anbernic RG Nano is as the name suggests a tiny sized retro handheld that is small enough to put on a keychain.

Anbernic RG Nano Video

The video below leaked the retro handheld and was not allowed to be embedded but you can watch it here. It is not the best quality video, so here are a few screenshots showing the front, back, top and a rough size compared to the persons thumb.

Technical Specifications

From the videos we can see that the RG Nano will be available in three colours; Blue, Red and Dark Grey. It will have an aluminium alloy case that is 7.1 x 4.3 x 1.7 cm and weighing only 75g. It has a 1.54″ display which is used on the Funkey S and Powkiddy Q36.

Anbernic RG Nano Colours
Blue, Red and Dark Grey/Black

We can see that it has a D-Pad, four game buttons, SELECT & START on the front, with L1 and R1 buttons on the top. The top also has a USB Type-C charge port which with a convertor is also used for 3.5mm headphone.

According to the translated Chinese text the CPU is an Allwinner K3S which I could not find any mention of online. It will have a 1050mAh battery.

It will run on the Funkey Linux OS and is possibly dual boot. Their focus is higher sound quality.

Emulator support

It will support a number of emulators including PS1, Arcade, GBA, SFC, NES, PCE, GB, GBC, GG, MD, SMS, WSC, NGP, LYNX, Pokemon Mini and more!

Anbernic RG Nano price?

Going by the size I think we could see this at a fairly low price aimed as more of a toy/gift rather than a serious retro handheld. You can buy it at an introductory price here for £48/$60.

When is the Anbernic RG Nano released?

The RG Nano will be available to buy from June 13th here.

The product does look finished, so like their recent RG353PS we could see this going on sale within the next month or two.

We will update this post as we get more news, check back for more information as we get it!