Anbernic RG351P Unboxing & Demo – Retro gaming handheld supporting over 40 systems

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The RG351P is Anbernic’s newest retro gaming handheld, with a brand new processor supporting many more classic gaming systems via the excellent EmuElec and RetroArch software.

The RG351P available in Black, Purple and White colours and features a Rockchip RK3326 Quad-core processor clocking in at an impressive 1.5GHz. The 1GB of DDR3L RAM is plenty to run all the supported retro gaming consoles. With these suitably heavyweight specs in a portable package, the RG351P is capable of handling old arcade and PC titles, all the way up to 5th Generation consoles (PS1, N64, etc.) and even 7th Generation handhelds (PSP, etc.).

Sizing up at only 15.6×7.1×1.8cm, the RG351P is no less portable than its predecessors, and with a crystal clear 480 x 320 IPS display, enjoy crisp visuals with no compromise in visual quality or performance.

Carrying on from the RG350M and RG350P, the sleek low-profile analogue sticks, rubber grips on the rear, and symmetrical stick layout will immediately familiar. With the improved 3500mAh battery, game on-the-go for up to 7 hours (Note: actual lifetime will vary based on usage), and with the new low-power-indicator LED, stay on top of whenever you need to charge up.

It supports 22 classic gaming systems out of the box including Arcade, Mega Drive/Genesis, and PSP. And there’s many more emulators to enjoy including the Commodore series, Amstrad, Spectrum and Vectrex.

You can buy the RG351P via DroiX at https://droix.net/collections/retro-gaming-handhelds/products/rg351p-retro-gaming-handheld and can use the discount code D5AOFF.