Atari 2600+ Beta Update 1.1

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Over on the AtariAge forums a new beta version of the first firmware upgrade for the Atari 2600+ has been released. While this is not a final release, there are enough changes to warrant upgrading if you have had some issues with games.

I have briefly tried the beta firmware with a few games that were not working before, most of them are now working and some with the correct palette colours for PAL region.

Atari 2600+
Atari 2600+

There is a full guide on how to install the beta firmware update on the AtariAge forums here.

Here is the full list of changes:

2600 Changes


  • Fix for Realsports boxing
  • Enable Circus Convoy to boot (Also requires 1.1 Emulator update)
  • Enable CBS Ram Plus cartridge to boot – Omega Race tested (booster grip not tested), Tunnel Runner and Mountain King not tested (Also requires 1.1 Emulator update)


  • Change PAL colour palette to z26
  • PAL / NTSC cartridge auto detect to display at appropriate 50 or 60hz
  • Reversal of Difficulty Switches

7800 Changes


  • Support for unknown cartridges (linear and bank switched)
  • Removed clashing NTSC/PAL cartridge entries from known list (now handled as “unknown”)
  • Increased maximum cartridge size
  • Increased dumper read timeout (support larger cartridges)


  • Fix for swapped controller buttons
  • Pause support via Color/B&W switch (may behave inconsistently depending on cartridge)
  • Significant updates to Pokey sound chip support
  • Support for additional Pokey configurations (@4000, @800, @450, etc.)
  • Yamaha YM2151 sound chip support
  • Support for 7800 expansion module (XM)
  • Updated palettes (contributed by Trebor @ AtariAge)
  • Partial cartridge hash detection (compatibility with dumper)
  • Cartridge probing for Pokey and YM sound chips (compatibility with dumper)
  • Cartridge header database with entries from known carts
  • Improved cartridge header support
  • Compatibility with larger bank switched cartridges
  • Maria double buffered line RAM support
  • Maria background color fix
  • Maria color kill support
  • Maria PAL display area fix
  • Overall improved cycle accuracy (including Maria)
  • Added support for several new opcodes
  • Z flag fix when in decimal mode
  • Multiple memory map fixes
  • RIOT interrupt mirror fix
  • Force PAL mode controller escape sequence