Atari 2600+ Experimental Firmware v1.1x-r5

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The experimental firmware for the Atari 2600+ has been released. I have missed a couple of releases so here are the recent changes :


  • 2600
  • Reverted to Stella standard palette for NTSC (until consensus on palette)
  • Game-specific fixes:
  • HERO 2 (both cartridge variants now work)
  • Tower of Rubble (PAL60) correct palette
  • Pinky the Panda (PAL60) correct palette
  • Juno First (PAL60) correct palette
  • L.E.M. (PAL60) correct palette


  • 2600
  • Supported controller detection fix
  • Game-specific fixes:
  • Tarzan compatibility (original dump and F6 fix)
  • Astroblast: Joystick or paddle detection (port 1)
  • Smurf (wF8 bankswitch format)
  • Zaxxon (wF8 bankswitch format)
  • Zippy the Porcupine (PAL60) correct palette
  • Amoeba Jump (PAL60) correct palette
  • 7800
  • Maria transparency fix


  • General
  • “No Game Detected” message.
  • Cartridge dumping/reading process updates (timeouts, size checks, etc.).
  • 2600
  • Many significant performance optimizations.
  • Updated NTSC palette
  • Game-specific fixes:
  • Pitfall II (support cart size)
  • Space Instigators (force PAL)
  • Thrust+ (Continuous thrust issue fix)
  • Additional Brik180 fixes (more variants)
  • 7800
  • Game-specific fixes:
  • Froggie (Pokey detection)
  • Phoenix prototype support

You can find more information about the updates and how to update on the Atari Age Forum post here.