Cyborg Force now available for pre-order – Neo Geo AES & MVS carts as well!

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Cyborg Force is now available to pre-order for PC, or if you prefer something more classic? How about the PSP, Dreamcast and Neo Geo AES and MVS?

As a member of mankind’s most top-elite military corps, your mission is to save the universe from the mad tyrant of Mars’s ultimate weapon of mass destruction: the Necro-Doomizer. Seemingly endless waves of hostile mutants, cyber-troops, air and armoured units are in the way – but they picked the wrong side, as one member of the Cyborg Force can wipe them out single-handedly… and you can even be joined by a team mate !

Features include

  • 8 tough-as-titanium-nails cyborgs to choose from.
  • 10 weapons with unique properties to exterminate all opposition with style.
  • 5 levels, divided into 2 sub-levels + 1 boss fight.
  • About 30 minutes of arcade playtime for a single loop.
  • Tough-but-fair challenge, 8 difficulty levels.
  • Gameplay that is easy to get into, yet takes practice to master.
  • Focus on sharp aiming and precise bullet-dodging.
  • Simple, yet fully fleshed out scoring system designed for competition.
  • 2-player co-op action.*
  • 408Mb of pixel mayhem.
  • Classic 16bitey graphics.
  • Heavy metal soundtrack to kill plenty of bad guys to.
  • One big cart in one big box to insert into you bigger, badder, better system.

You can learn more about Cyborg Force and pre-order on the homepage at https://www.neobyteforce.com/. It is expected to launch Q2/Q3 2024.