ElCheapoSD Menu v20230831

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ElCheapoSD Menu, the alternative menu software for the ElCheapoSD flash cart for the Atari Lynx was updated a few weeks back.

ElCheapoSD Lynx Atari Gamer Menu Loader
ElCheapoSD Lynx Atari Gamer Menu Loader

The list of changes is quite long:

– Works with 0.08 and above firmware
– Scroll bar is now a single colour
– Added header to the display
– New setting: menu sounds on/off
– Changed setting: approximate sort can be set to 0 to disable sorting
– Drawing performance optimisations
– Settings saved automatically when exiting the settings menu
– Hold A on boot for version info
– Hold B on boot to load last played ROM
– New setting: hide ROM extensions
– Improved sort performance
– Press Opt 1 for Settings
– Press Opt 2 to show extra status info
– Long file names scrolled in extra status info
– File size shown in extra status info
– Loader size optimisation (should not see INSERT GAME for as long)
– Input delay setting allows to turn off button down delay for scrolling
– Hide system folders setting allows the ‘System Volume Information’, ‘SAVES’ and ‘Screenshots.BMP’ folders to be hidden from the ROM list
– EEPROM editor
– Clearer icons used for option on/off setting
– Scroll bugs fixed
– Detection of SD cards with too many files (more than 256 entries)

Known bugs:
– ROMs with LYX and O extensions do not have their LFNs available due to a bug in the 0.08 firmware

You can find out more about ElCheapoSD Menu on the homepage at https://atarigamer.itch.io/elcheaposd-menu/