ElCheapoSD Menu v20240409-A

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A new version of the replacement menu for the BennVenn ElCheapoSD Atari Lynx flash cartridge has been released.

ElCheapoSD Atari Lynx Flash Cartridge
ElCheapoSD Atari Lynx Flash Cartridge

Changes in this version are:

  • Listing of ROMs and folders is limited to 256 at a time, however you can have multiple folders within folders, if you have more files + folders than this, the menu will stop with an error
  • ROM list scrolling and pagination (up/down to move through the ROM list, left/right to skip forward/back a screen full of ROMs)
  • Displays up to 16 entries at a time
  • Scrollbar with position indicator
  • Changeable colour themes
  • High contrast themes for usability
  • ROM list is sorted alphabetically
  • Configurable settings
  • EEPROM editor

You can download the latest version from the homepage at https://atarilynxvault.itch.io/elcheaposd-menu. If you havent already check out our full ElCheapoSD review here.