Experimental Atari 2600+ firmware released

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Aside from the recent two beta firmware releases for the Atari 2600+ console, a new experimental firmware has been released. This is not an official Atari/Plaion release so you use at your own risk!

Changes from the betas to this new experimental firmware are:


  • Optimized video output (should fix missing sprites, etc.)
  • Code optimization (PGO and other modifications)
  • 50hz display (PAL games)
  • SaveKey disabled
  • Game-specific fixes:
  • Pick ‘n Pile (PAL)
  • Moonsweeper (PAL)
  • Time Pilot (b1)
  • Tac-Scan
  • Spike’s Peak


  • Optimized video output
  • 50hz display (PAL games)
  • Updated PAL palette (thanks @Trebor!)
  • Pokey buffer size fix

Caveats and Disclaimers:

  • This is an experimental build, not an official Atari/Plaion release, so please use at your own risk.
  • This build may contain regressions, or other defects not in the official beta builds.
  • The updated video driver means that the RetroArch UI is no longer accessible. You can still configure settings via the RA configuration file, but any video-related settings will be ignored.

Again, use at your own risk if you don’t mind trying it and providing feedback via the AtariAge forums, which is exactly where you can download either the normal or debug output versions of the firmware.

If you are not familiar with the Atari 2600+ console, why not read or watch our in depth Atari 2600+ review here. You can buy the Atari 2600+ console here.