Hu-Boy – A GameBoy Emulator for the PC-EngineCD / SuperGrafx

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Hu-Boy is a new GameBoy emulator compatible with the PC Engine CD and SuperGrafx consoles. Unfortunately it will not work on the standard PC Engine/TurboGrafx due to them having only 8 KB of main system RAM. The emulator requires 16KB which the CD based systems have, so you will need the CD attachment. I would take a guess and say the PC Engine Duo consoles should work? I would try on mine but it is currently at work for some videos.


Some of the main features of Hu-Boy include:

  • All CPU instructions emulated (no guarantees about accuracy!)
  • No promises about speed. It’s not fast.
  • MBC1 cartridge mapper emulation, supporting cartridges <1 MByte in ROM / <192 KByte for CD-ROM version
  • Basic sound emulation (frequency, volume sweep, wave channel and pulse/noise channels)
  • DMG BG & sprite palette emulation, with separately adjustable palettes
  • Background layer, scrolling, per-scanline scrolling emulated
  • Window layer simulated but with some limitations
  • GB sprites, both 8×8 and 8×16, tile-flipping.
  • An options screen with plenty of controls to change speed/accuracy, enable/disable features
  • Did I mention it was not very fast?

You can learn more about Hu-Boy and download builds of the emulator for use with flash carts and for CD burning on the homepage at https://www.chrismcovell.com/huboy.html.