Retro Gaming Banter officially opens

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It has only taken several years to get around to making this website for Retro Gaming and all things related to it ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been involved in the retro gaming scene for well over twenty years. Some may remember me as Guyfawkes from the now closed down website, or my various other websites for handhelds including GBAEmu, GP32Emu and so on. Or maybe a bit more recent with my Gamergeddon website. Anyway, if anyone remembers the sites or me, give me a shout and say hi!

So the purpose ofย  Retro Gaming Banter is a website along with YouTube and Twitch channels to post my content on. I still love retro gaming as much as I did over twenty years ago. I have since amassed quite a collection of retro gaming consoles and computers, well over 100!

Over time I will be making blog posts, videos, streaming playing games with the original hardware. I will also be doing Retro Restores in which I restore old consoles and computers back to their former glories.

I will keep this short and sweet, so welcome to Retro Gaming Banter and hope you stick around!