Terraonion MegaSD Firmware v1.06 R12

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A new update for Intel models of the Terraonion MegaSD firmware has been released. The Terraonion MegaSD is a flash cart for the Mega Drive/Genesis and also supports 32X (with 32X hardware) and Mega CD games.

Terraonion MegaSD firmware update
Terraonion MegaSD

I was not able to check the changes as I have a different model (keep an eye out for our review soon!), but I did see on Twitter @JesusBurnsNeon had posted the changes:

This update fixes almost all compatibility issues with different MD / Genesis revisions with the Intel MegaSD. The only pending issue is a Pier Solar save issue that prevents the game from booting.

You will need to log in at Terraonion with your account in order to check if there is a firmware update available. If you see firmware 1.05 R07 then you do not have the update as its not for that model.