The Floopy Drive – Casio Loopy flash cartridge

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If you are the owner of this rather obscure console called the Casio Loopy, then you may be interested the Floopy Drive, a flash cart for said console.

Compatibility is good and works with all ten games released for the Casio Loopy, as well as the Magical Shop which is a video capture accessory for the console. The Casio Loopy had a thermal colour printer that let users make stickers from their game screenshots. Another device, named Magical Shop (Majikaru Shoppu) could capture images from VCRs and DVD players. Users could also add text to these images and turn them into stickers.

Casio Loopy needs a Floopy Drive!
My Casio Loopy I got bundled with some games for dirt cheap some years ago!

Features on the flash cartridge include:

  • 32Mbit Flash. Loopy games come in 16Mbit and 24Mbit varieties. The Floopy Drive supports them all, as well as any future translations and homebrew games up to 32Mbit.
  • 1Mbit Battery-backed SRAM. Loopy games use 64kbit up to 256kbit of SRAM for saves. The Floopy Drive supports them all, as well as any future homebrew games that use much more.
  • Simple flashing using your computer over USB-C. Floopy Drive doesn’t use an SD card, you plug it into your PC to flash games. Flashing is drag-and-drop, with no drivers or software to install, everything runs in the browser thanks to WebUSB. MacOS and Windows, Chrome, Chromium, and MS Edge tested.
  • Automatic backup and restore of your saves. Floopy Drive backs up your save the moment you plug it into your computer. When switching games, your last save is restored automatically so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Save compatibility with emulators. MAME 0.260+ and Loopy My Seal Emulator both tested.
  • Provides serial access to the Loopy’s CPU. Devtools, homebrew, and even some commercial games use the UART0 port on the Loopy for debugging functionality. The Floopy Drive provides a plug-and-play proxy to the otherwise unexposed serial port. Just insert the Floopy Drive into your Loopy, connect USB-C, and the Floopy Drive detects it’s inserted and presents a serial interface over USB. Talk to it just like any other serial device and the Floopy Drive transparently forwards serial in both directions!
  • Simple firmware upgrades. Just stick a pin in the pinhole in the back of the cart and drag the new firmware onto the USB drive that appears. Done!

Unfortunately the first batch of 15 flash carts has already sold out but a larger second batch is planned. You can register your interest in the Floopy Drive via the homepage at https://www.tindie.com/products/partlyhuman/the-floopy-drive/.