USB-2-PCE – USB to PC Engine adapter pre-orders

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If you are a fan of the PC Engine, you might be interested in a new adapter that lets you use any USB controller with your retro console. The USB-2-PCE adapter is a device that plugs into the PC Engine’s controller port and converts USB signals to PC Engine signals. This means you can use a variety of modern controllers, such as Xbox, PlayStation, 8BitDo, Sega AstroCity Mini, and more, with your PC Engine games.

The USB-2-PCE adapter has some impressive features, such as:

  • Standard or 6-button modes
  • HID Mice to PCE Mouse
  • HID Keyboard to PCE Controller
  • Integrated Multi-tap
  • USB Hub Support (experimental)
  • Firmware Updatable

The adapter is compatible with any USB controller that supports X-Input mode, as well as some specific controllers that have been tested by the developer. Here is a list of some of the compatible controllers:

  • Any USB controller with X-Input mode
  • 8BitDo PCE 2.4g USB Receiver
  • 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapters (Red/Black/Gray)
  • Xbox (OG/360/One/Series)
  • PS Classic USB Controller
  • PS4 DualShock 4 Wired
  • PS5 DualSense Wired
  • Sega AstroCity Mini USB Controller
  • RetroBit Sega Genesis 6-button USB Controller

The adapter also includes a 1 meter miniDIN-8 male to male cable for connecting to the PC Engine. If you have a TurboGrafx-16, you will need a separate adapter to convert the controller port.

The USB-2-PCE adapter is available to pre-order now at https://controlleradapter.com/products/usb-2-pce for $60 plus shipping. It will be released in May and shipped to customers worldwide. If you want to enjoy your PC Engine games with more controller options, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on this innovative device.