Atari 7800 GameDrive – The Atari 7800 flash cartridge we have been waiting for

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We are big fans of RetroHQ’s products, having already owning their excellent Jaguar GameDrive, Lynx GameDrive and NeoPocket GameDrives (reviews at their respective links), so we have been keeping a close eye on their forthcoming 7800 GameDrive! Today the product page has been posted at RetroHQ and we can learn what features will be on the flash cartridge.

Atari 7800 GameDrive
Atari 7800 GameDrive Front View

What will the 7800 GameDrive feature?

The 7800 GameDrive will of course let you play all of your NTSC & PAL Atari 7800 games and homebrew. In addition it will support the majority of Atari 2600 retail games and non-ARM based homebrew ROMs. All the files are stored on FAT16 or FAT32 micro SD cards and you probably wont need a large one as the games are very small.

One of the biggest features is that the cartridge will have an RGB AV output port so you can connect a Mega Drive 2 video cable and connect it to your TV or favourite upscaler.

Other features include High Score Cartridge (HSC) and cheat code support. There is support for POKEY, YM2151, COVOX and BupChip audio. There is also a serial port on the side which you can use to upload and run code from your PC.

It will also be compatible with RetroHQ’s forthcoming Mega 7800 which is a controller adapater to use Master System and Mega Drive controllers on the Atari 7800! It will support the controllers as well as the light phaser!

Release date and price?

No date just yet on when the Atari 7800 GameDrive will be available to buy, but it will cost a reasonable £149.99, keeping in mind it is both a flash cart and RGB output combined. No retailers have been announced yet, but RetroHQ do sell from their site so keep an eye out there.