GDMENU Card Manager 2.0.0

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A new version of GDMENU Card Manager was released a few weeks ago. It is a very useful piece of software that organises and creates the menu for the GDEmu ODE for the SEGA Dreamcast. Changes in this release include:

  • Framework updated to Net 6
  • It’s now possible to select between GDmenu and openMenu
  • GdMenu files are included.
  • openMenu requires additional files. DAT files should go to this app’s subfolder tools\openMenu\menu_data
  • App is also compatible with RazorX’s theme manager

If you have a GDEmu then this is a must have as it has plenty of useful features including compressing compatible disc images and correctly generates the menu which improves the performance when booting

GDMENU Card Manager
GDMENU Card Manager

Learn more about GDMENU Card Manage on the GitHub page at https://github.com/sonik-br/GDMENUCardManager