Krikzz EDFX PC Engine & TurboGrafx Audio & Video expansion

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Krikzz has released a new product which when plugged into the back of a PC Engine or TurboGrafx expansion port will provide video and audio output in higher quality that the original. It can be used with or without the EverDrive or EverDrive Pro flash cartridges.

Features include:

  • CD stereo support for EverDrive
  • RGB and composite video output
  • Audio filtering and levels tuned to match EFU audio
  • Compatible with MegaDrive2/Genesis2 video cables
  • Can be used without EverDrive flash cart as standalone A/V expansion
  • Compatible with TurboGrafx and PCE systems

You can learn more about the Krikzz EDFX at https://krikzz.com/our-products/cartridges/edfx.html. Unfortunately it is already sold out but more will be available in around two weeks time.