Turbo Everdrive PRO firmware v1.04

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Not long after the firmware update for Turbo Everdrive PRO last week, the PC Engine/TurboGrafx & CD flash cart has received another!

Turbo Everdrive Pro firmware update
Turbo Everdrive Pro

Turbo Everdrive PRO Firmware Change List

Here is the full list of changes if you have missed the previous updates:

edturbo-fw-v1.04 11.04.2023
Doraemon fix
Memory corruption fix
Fixed drop out to the cart menu in some games. Flash Hiders one of them
“Special symbols” error fix
Fixes for US super system card
SD lag test included to the system diagnostics
Cue parser fix (cd audio sync problems)

edturbo-fw-v1.03 03.04.2023
Arcade card fix
Palette initialization

edturbo-fw-v1.02 28.03.2023
Save states improvements
Memory timings optimization

edturbo-fw-v1.01 08.03.2023
Compatibility fixes
EDFX booster detection using expansion port pin B2

You can download the latest Turbo Everdrive PRO firmware here. If you want to learn more about the Turbo Everdrive PRO flash cartridge or buy one you can check out Krikzz’s store here.