NES Revival Classic Power Board – USB C Power for your NES!

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@merlin_shaw on Titter posted about his NES Revival Classic Power Board which is a USB-C power for your NES.

NES Revival Classic Power Board
NES Revival Classic Power Board

Features of the board include:

  • Fully Open Sourced. Files will be available on my Github
  • Runs cool at 29c as there is not voltage conversions on the board.
  • 5.2V Clamp so any voltage above this goes right to GND and trips an onboard resettable Fuse.
  • 2.5A resettable Fuse for over current protection on your NES
  • Holes for future 3D printed part to cover the rest of the power square hold on the case. (in development)
  • Bypass Capacitors for passing a clean voltage into the NES.
  • Added GND Pads anchors points on the USB Connector. This makes it super strong and won’t flake off due to multiple insertions.

If you are interested, Merlin has some more details on his Facebook page here.