New Onion OS Scraper coming soon

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A demo of a new Onion OS Scraper on the Miyoo Mini Plus has been shown for the first time. A scraper will scan your games and download images such as screenshots and boxart and display them on the game browser.

The new Onion OS Scraper will be available in Onion 4.2.0 coming soon. It will be able to get images from RetroArch, Screenscaper and Launchbox. You will be able to scrape all of your games or individual games if you want to save time, though you can also scrape in the background but you will likely experience slowdown in emulators if doing this.

BTW: We hear that DroiX will have a big batch of Miyoo Mini Plus arriving this coming week if you are looking for somewhere to buy! And don’t forget to check out our Miyoo Mini Plus guide including how to setup, install Onion, using your retro handheld and more!