Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus+ released!

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Big news today if you are one of the lucky to have a Miyoo Mini Plus handheld. Onion OS is now available as a beta version for the new retro handheld.

Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus+
Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus+

Onion features include:

  • Your Onion SD card can be swapped between Miyoo Mini (MM) and Miyoo Mini+ (MMP) freely – credit: @Sichroteph, @ygordreyer
  • (MMP) RetroAchievements enabled – credit: @schmurtzm
  • Display brightness can go as low as 3%, and the adjustments are now on an exponential curve – credit: @Aemiii91
  • Shortcut keys: MENU+VOL UP/VOL DOWN on MMP, and SELECT+L2/R2 on both
  • (MMP) Volume is adjusted using a logarithmic curve (giving more natural steps) – credit: @Aemiii91
  • Mute toggle: VOL UP+VOL DOWN
  • Volume 0 is now actually silent – credit: @mitchchn
  • (MMP) Battery percentage much more precise due to new hardware
  • (MMP) Temporary “test” apps (these will become part of Tweaks / Package Manager):
  • Onion OTA Update – credit: @schmurtzm
  • FTP Server – credit: @schmurtzm
  • OpenSSH – credit: @schmurtzm
  • HTTP File Server (user: admin, pass: admin) – credit: @sa3eedDev

This is a beta release for the Miyoo Mini Plus+ so there are some known bugs and probably a few more unknown ones.

Known Bugs on Onion OS:

  • (MMP) To enable wifi features, you need to upgrade the Miyoo Mini+ firmware to 20230326****: Download it here.
  • (MM) Multiple “change clicks” can be heard when holding POWER while in MainUI
  • (MMP) Wifi icon in MainUI overlaps battery icon / percentage on some themes

You can learn more about and download the beta from the Onion OS homepage. You can order the hard to get anywhere Miyoo Mini Plus+ here.

Want to learn more about the Miyoo Mini Plus? Check out our Miyoo Mini Plus guide which has everything you need to know and use this amazing handheld!