Onion OS v4.2.1 – Fantastic custom firmware for Miyoo Mini Plus

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It has been a while since Onion OS was in release candidate but we finally have the full Onion OS v4.2.1 release. This fantastic OS replacement for the Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus retro gaming handhelds has a bunch of updates and additions including new emulators such as ScummVM, gpSP, TGB and additional cores, new utilities, Network features for the Plus model including Netplay, Retroachievements and RetroArch overlays. You can read the full list here.

Onion OS v4.2.1 for Miyoo Mini Plus
Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus

You can download the latest Onion OS v4.2.1 release from the Github page here. If you have never tried Onion OS before, check out our Onion OS guide here for everything you need to know. And if you have not got yourself one of the best retro handhelds, you can buy the Miyoo Mini Plus from DroiX here.