Onion OS v4.3.0 beta

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A new beta version of the much anticipated Onion OS v4.3.0 has been released. If you are not familiar with Onion, it is a OS replacement for the amazing Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus retro gaming handhelds. Check out our fully featured Miyoo Mini Plus and Onion OS guide here including how to install and set up.

Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus
Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus

You can download the latest beta of Onion OS v4.3.0 from the GitHub page here. The list of changes in this version are below.


  • Amend exporter log entry location by @XK9274 in #1252
  • Tweaks: multidisc playlist (.m3u) generator by @schmurtzm in #1301
  • Update ScummVM Standalone to 2.9.0git by @XK9274 in #1307
  • App list sorting tool (asc/desc A-Z) by @XK9274 in #1300
  • Moved theme, favorites, and recent list to be profile specific by @Sichroteph in #1270
  • Package Manager: Auto select emulators that has roms present by @Aemiii91 in #1228
  • Update Filebrowser to 2.26 to fix CSS issue – via edmunek by @XK9274 in #1309
  • Add blue light filter to tweaks by @XK9274 in #1134
  • Add adjustable PWM frequency to minimize buzzing noise by @tGecko in #1179
  • FEAT: Battery monitor by @Sichroteph in #1147
  • Add wrapper for global GUI keyboard support. by @XK9274 in #1253
  • New emulator: DraStic (integrated with GameSwitcher and auto-resume) by @Sichroteph in #1281
  • Add VNC feature to tweaks by @XK9274 in #1206
  • Add screen recorder as a tool (Not for game footage) by @XK9274 in #1299
  • Blue light filter improvements by @XK9274 in #1330
  • New cores + core updates by @schmurtzm in #1322
  • Add PICO-8/Splore to Expert by @XK9274 in #1331
  • Tweaks: Added option to mute BGM in MainUI by @theUnBurn in #1236
  • Add option for RTC modded Miyoo Mini/plus to disable the automatic time restore on boot by @tGecko in #1335
  • Add support for 752×560 resolution used by new MMv4 screens by @tGecko in #1272
  • Improve 560p resolution handling, implement 560p support for ports by @tGecko in #1357


  • FIX: Netplay improvements by @schmurtzm in #1242
  • Fixed low battery warning overlapping other battery icons by @schmurtzm in #1358


  • Update ko.lang by @DDinghoya in #1276
  • I18N: Added Norwegian language by @Aemiii91 in #1241
  • Add Hungarian lang files by @dszollosinagy in #1211
  • Norwegian language cleanups by @jakobkg in #1332
  • Add Thai Language by @BankVana in #1285
  • Fixed Portuguese localization by @BlueKore in #1339