Onion v4.2.0-RC released – Nearly ready for full release!

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Onion OS is nearing a full release in the 4.2.0 version with a Release Candidate. This should be pretty much good to go with few bugs remaining, but any reported ones should be fixed in the final version.

Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus
Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus

How to update to Onion v4.2.0-RC

For Miyoo Mini Plus owners you can update via WiFi via the Apps -> Package Manager > OTA Updater and follow the prompts. If you want to install Onion OS v4.2.0 beta 4 from fresh, you can follow our step by step guide on how to install Onion OS.

BTW: DroiX still have the Miyoo Mini Plus in stock and at a discounted price until August 2nd!

You can find a list of changes in this Release Candidate below:

Fix background for roms menu by @schmurtzm in #938
Update it.lang by @Amiga500 in #945
pl.lang by @Assassins78pl in #944
Moved filebrowser config to persistent (across OTA upgrade) location. by @XK9274 in #948
New shutdown script for proper power-off by @schmurtzm in #958
MainUI patches: Enable button sound for L1/R1 and patch shutdown call by @tGecko in #959
Swap L1/R1 and L2/R2 in Package Manager by @schmurtzm in #960
Fix roms scrolling when long press menu button to add a rom in favorite by @schmurtzm in #953
Update COMMODORE config.json: add extlist by @mjkaye in #967
Updated Ukrainian language by @RandomKartopfel in #966
Rework of net services (inc. NTP) for instant start by @XK9274 in #964
Fixed scrolling for lists with disabled items by @Aemiii91 in #972
CHORE: Remove leftover "-s" flags and raise debug level by @tGecko in #974
I18N: Updated Russian language by @RandomKartopfel in #971
CHORE:Replace zip with 7z in build process by @tGecko in #976
FIX: Adds exit condition to NTPwait loop by @XK9274 in #970
DOCS: Create Create-MiyooGameListXmlFormatted.ps1 by @t0b10-t3nm4 in #926
DOCS: Create New-MiyooGameListXml.ps1 by @t0b10-t3nm4 in #927
FIX: Tweaks scrolling, timezone sync, standby disabled check by @Aemiii91 in #977
FIX: Multiple network time issues by @tGecko in #979
I18N: Updated Japanese translation and added Uchinaguchi translation by @kuragehimekurara1 in #978
I18N: Updates short Brazilian translation by @bruhensant in #980
I18N: Updates long Brazilian translation by @bruhensant in #981
FIX: Replace unzip with 7z for configs.pak and Tweaks by @tGecko in #988
FIX: MM showing MY354 instead of MY283 by @tGecko in #989
FIX: Improved scaling toggle for RetroArch (saves overrides automatically) by @Aemiii91 in #968
FIX: Improved installer by @Aemiii91 in #991
FEAT: Add smbd to Tweaks for Samba file sync by @XK9274 in #973
FIX: Remove duplicates from favorites on-the-fly by @Aemiii91 in #994
FIX: Activity Tracker now uses SQLite and migrates old db files by @schmurtzm in #956
FIX: "Easy Netplay" final touches: Removed slow chksum from GLO - QOL fixes - File size check by @Aemiii91 in #969
FEAT: Add user authentication for network services by @tGecko in #998
FIX: Keep clock synced while display is off by @Aemiii91 in #999
FIX: Swap start and select button in MainUI Gamelist by @tGecko in #1006
FEAT: Brightness shortcut can be changed to MENU+UP/DOWN in Tweaks (MM only) by @Sichroteph in #1004
FEAT: Resizable OSD bar by @Sichroteph in #1005
CHORE: use device_model instead of 283 354 by @codeudan in #1012
FIX: Improved overlays file structure and bugfix by @Aemiii91 in #1003
I18N: Added Greek language files by @Tortugasss in #1002
FEAT: Add Pokémon Trading/Colosseum support by @XK9274 in #1007
FIX: Various fixes for RC release by @Aemiii91 in #1011
I18N: Czech translation by @spenaat in #1014
REFACTOR: Migrate shortnames tool to cache6 by @Macs75 in #1029
REFACTOR: Changes to Easy Netplay & Pokemon trading GLO scripts by @XK9274 in #1026
FIX: Added alternative fonts for other UI languages to RetroArch by @tGecko in #1032
FEAT: Added tool to automatically generate miyoogamelists with clean names by @pogman-code in #1039
FEAT: Better OC support by @Aemiii91 in #1035
FIX: NTP improvements and Tweaks enhancements by @tGecko in #1013
FEAT: Updated gpSP to commit 1d972ec by @schmurtzm in #1044
FIX: Update rom info on play activity start by @Aemiii91 in #1043
CHORE: Align logging in EN/Pokémon Scripts after PRs by @XK9274 in #1047
FIX: miyoogamelist_gen fix sed behavior on no-match & aggressive bracket regex by @pogman-code in #1050
FIX: Fix cleanup crash - Netplay client scripts by @XK9274 in #1059
FIX: Remove the background from the wifi icon in MainUI by @tGecko in #1060
I18N: Update Vietnamese language by @Aemiii91 in #1066
Add SFC overlay by @duckyb in #1069
FEAT: Added tooltips to Tweaks (press SELECT) by @Aemiii91 in #1070
FIX: NTP Issues, SMB issues by @tGecko in #1073
I18N: Updated Traditional Chinese by @Erebus20 in #1074