Onion V4.3.0-RC

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A new release candidate of Onion OS for the Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus has been released. If you have either model of retro gaming handheld then this is a must have replacement for the stock software running on it.

The beta versions have been quite stable for me so if you can’t wait, give this one a try. Check out our Miyoo Mini Plus Guide here which covers everything for this great retro handheld, including how to install Onion OS.

And if you have not got a Miyoo Mini Plus yet, I can recommend DroiX who at the time of writing this have a sale running with it at a great price including one year warranty with them and excellent customer service!

Here are the list of changes in this version:


  • Tweaks: multidisc playlist (.m3u) generator by @schmurtzm in #1301
  • Update ScummVM Standalone to 2.9.0git by @XK9274 in #1307
  • Tweaks: App list sorting tool (asc/desc A-Z) by @XK9274 in #1300
  • Moved theme, favorites, and recent list to be profile specific by @Sichroteph in #1270
  • Package Manager: Auto select emulators that has roms present by @Aemiii91 in #1228
  • Add blue light filter to tweaks by @XK9274 in #1134
  • Add adjustable PWM frequency to minimize buzzing noise by @tGecko in #1179
  • New app: Battery monitor by @Sichroteph in #1147
  • Add wrapper for global GUI keyboard support. by @XK9274 in #1253
  • New emulator: DraStic (integrated with GameSwitcher and auto-resume) by @Sichroteph in #1281
  • Add VNC feature to tweaks by @XK9274 in #1206
  • Add screen recorder as a tool (Not for game footage) by @XK9274 in #1299
  • Blue light filter improvements by @XK9274 in #1330
  • New cores + core updates by @schmurtzm in #1322
  • Add PICO-8/Splore to Expert by @XK9274 in #1331
  • Tweaks: Added option to mute BGM in MainUI by @theUnBurn in #1236
  • Add option for RTC modded Miyoo Mini/plus to disable the automatic time restore on boot by @tGecko in #1335
  • Add support for 752×560 resolution used by new MMv4 screens by @tGecko in #1272
  • Improve 560p resolution handling, implement 560p support for ports by @tGecko in #1357
  • OTA: format release date and size info of new version zip by @codeudan in #1375


  • Netplay improvements by @schmurtzm in #1242
  • Amend exporter log entry location by @XK9274 in #1252
  • Update Filebrowser to 2.26 to fix CSS issue – via edmunek by @XK9274 in #1309
  • Fixed low battery warning overlapping other battery icons by @schmurtzm in #1358
  • Fix lockups entering apps or games by @XK9274 in #1369


  • Update ko.lang by @DDinghoya in #1276
  • Added Norwegian language (by @kasperlosa) by @Aemiii91 in #1241
  • Add Hungarian lang files by @dszollosinagy in #1211
  • Norwegian language cleanups by @jakobkg in #1332
  • Add Thai Language by @BankVana in #1285
  • Fixed Portuguese localization by @BlueKore in #1339
  • French fixes by @schmurtzm in #1379
  • Update es.lang by @svera in #1384
  • Added Romanian language by @rcarausu in #1372