The400 Mini announced – Awesome Atari 400 mini console

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Retro Games Ltd, makers of the excellent A500 Mini and C64 Mini, have announced their next mini The400 Mini. The400 Mini is a 50% scale version of the Atari 400 first launched in 1979, the range went on to bring us the Atari 800, XL and XE series. The400 Mini will support these consoles as well as the Atari 5200. Included with The400 Mini is a recreation of the classic Atari CX-40 joystick with USB connection. Us Atari fans are spoilt the past year with new Atari consoles!

The400 Mini
The400 Mini

25 games are bundled including Berzerk , Boulder Dash, Capture the Flag, Lee, Millipede, Miner 2049er, Missile Command, M.U.L.E, Star Raiders II and Yoomp. You will also be able to play your own games from a USB stick. Other features include save and load states and a rewind feature to rewind gameplay up to 30 seconds!

The 400 Mini will have HDMI output at 720P supporting 50Hz and 60Hz. A total of 5 USB ports will allow you and your friends to battle it out.

I am a big fan of the Atari 400, those orange and brown colours scream the 70’s, as I mentioned when I restored my Atari 400 a couple of years ago. Have you watched our video yet?

Anyway, the announcement video below. You can learn more on the homepage at https://retrogames.biz/products/the400-mini/. You can pre-order yours from Amazon right now…. hurry up March 2024!