THEA500 Mini firmware update 1.2.1

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The A500 Mini is a compact reimagining of the Amiga 500 home computer, featuring perfect emulation of not only the original A500 but also the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) of the A1200. Users can play one of the included 25 classic Amiga games, selected from a simple-to-use carousel, including all-time greats like Alien Breed, Another World, Chaos Engine, Simon the Sorcerer, and Worms. Additionally, users have the flexibility to play the games they own from a USB stick. The A500 Mini enhances the gaming experience by allowing users to save and resume their game at any time, providing assistance in finishing those punishingly difficult classics!

C64 and A500 Mini
C64 and A500 Mini

A new firmware has been released adding one new game and fixing some bugs that have been found

  • Adds additional game Time Bandit
  • Adds support for custom controller configurations
  • Corrects the speed of Amiga 500 WHDLoad games that could run too quickly
  • Allows a second controller to be used with ADF files
  • Fixes issue where a USB stick can appear corrupt after removing from THEA500 Mini
  • Improves game action translations
  • Minor bug fixes

You can find how to update as well as the download via the homepage here.