Anbernic RG Nano on sale now – with discount!

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The Anbernic RG Nano is now on sale for £48/$60 as a special introductory price as it is usually $6 higher. We have been covering the RG Nano since it was first uncovered a couple of months ago.

Anbernic RG Nano Tech Specs

We now have the official technical specifications and we was not far off from our workings out last month! It will be available in three colours, Purple, Red and Blue. It is a aluminium alloy case measuring around 7.1 x 4.3 x 1.7 cm and weighing just 75g! The processor is an ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.2Ghz and there’s 64MB of DDR2 RAM inside which should be enough for all the systems it can emulate.

Talking of systems, it can emulate the usuals from Gameboy, through to Mega Drive and up to GBA and PS1. There is a choice of a 64GB or 128GB card with games. Personally I prefer making my own collection but its there if you want it preloaded. It is all run from a 1050 mAh battery which lasts around 2.5 on a full charge. It’s not bad for a quick blast while travelling.

You can find out more about and buy the Anbernic RG Nano here.