Full list of THE400 Mini games announced

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We had a rough list of some of the THE400 Mini games were, but were missing a few. Retro Games have announced the full list of 25 games in the forthcoming THE400 Mini, a mini Atari 400. You can find the list below. In addition to those games, you will also be able to load your own games from a USB stick with support for cartridge, disk and cassette ROMs.

THE400 Mini launches March 28th, and you can pre-order yours to get it day one here.

THE400 Mini games:

  • Airball
    Navigate through a 150-room mansion, avoiding hazards while solving puzzles.
  • Asteroids
    Your ship is trapped in an asteroid belt, blast boulders and enemies to survive.
  • Basketball
    It’s all here as you dribble, shoot and pass your way to sporting success.
  • BattleZone
    Save the world in this shoot ’em up by outmanoeuvring rebel Supertanks and UFOs.
  • Berzerk
    Blast robots, escape Evil Otto and dodge laser fire in this frantic shoot-em-up arcade game.
  • Boulder Dash
    Dodge boulders, collect jewels, escape caves and complete puzzles solo or with a friend.
  • Bristles
    Help Peter the Painter paint walls while escaping enemies in this colourful platformer.
  • Capture the Flag
    Capture the flag in this action 3D maze game.
  • Centipede
    Wield a bug blaster to clear the enchanted mushroom patch in this coin-op classic.
  • Crystal Castles
    Guide Bentley Bear through Bethilda’s maze, avoiding enemies while utilizing power-ups.
  • Elektraglide
    Race futuristic motorbikes & avoid obstacles across the UK, USA and Australia.
  • Encounter!
    Command a starship in this space shooter while surviving fast battles with strategic agility.
  • Flip and Flop
    Control Flip the Kangaroo and Mitch the Monkey in a daring Zoo escape platformer.
  • Henry’s House
    Navigate as tiny Henry in this platformer, collecting items, finding keys and escaping traps.
  • Hover Bovver
    Play as Gordon Bennet in this quirky maze game.
  • Lee
    Master martial arts in this classic platformer.
  • M.U.L.E.
    Turn-based strategy in which you colonize a planet & outwit settlers. Play solo or with friends.
  • Millipede
    Play as the Archer in this Centipede sequel and prevent the bugs from taking over.
  • Miner 2049er
    Control Bounty Bob in this action platformer while destroying mutants and collecting items.
  • Missile Command
    Defend cities with your missiles in this classic shoot ’em up.
  • O’Riley’s Mine
    Play as miner Tim O’Riley & collect treasure, avoid hazards & work your way back to the top.
  • The Seven Cities of Gold
    Explore, negotiate, and establish colonies in this ground-breaking action strategy game.
  • Star Raiders II
    Pilot the Liberty Star and destroy Zylon bases in this renowned space shoot ’em up.
  • Wavy Navy
    Command a ship, avoid missiles and planes, and become the strategic leader of the navy.
  • Yoomp!
    Guide a rhythmic bouncing ball through suspended levels in this unique platformer.