Phøde Universal ODE pre-orders open for shipping October 2023

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Flxel has announced the Phøde optical drive emulator aka ODE which is compatible with not one, not two… but five main console systems and their variants!

Phøde ODE
Phøde ODE

What consoles will the Phøde support?

The Phøde (or the Phode as we will also call it as its a pain in the arse finding the right character), will be compatible with Philips CD-i, Sega Dreamcast VA0, VA1 and VA2, Sega Saturn (20 and 21 pin variants), PlayStation PU7, PU8(2 variants) and PU18 (with more variants later) and Sega CD 1, CD2, XEye, CDX console variants. It will also support one extra mechanism, feline and friend which will be announced in June.

There will be quick solder boards (QSB) for those systems that require it. There’s a breakout FFC for any future consoles that could be added, these can be supported with a firmware update.

What is the price and release date?

The Phode is expected to ship in late October 2023. It will cost $249.99, and you can order it from the 3do.dev page here.