Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.541

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The Pseudo Saturn Kai software has seen plenty of active development since its last major release a year or two ago. The Pseudo Saturn Kai software allows you to run Saturn game backups (burned on CD-R) with only the need of a Saturn Cartridge such as the Action Replay (and their clones), USB dev cart, Gamer’s Cartridge and can be used with Optical Drive Emulators including the Rhea/Phoebe, Fenrir and Satiator.

Saturn Action Replay 4M with Pseudo Saturn Kai installed
Saturn Action Replay 4M with Pseudo Saturn Kai installed

The list of changes can be found below. Download the latest version from the homepage here.

Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.541 – December 2023 :

  • Added disc image selection support for Satiator ODE.
    Supported features : region unlock, cheat codes, in-game reset.
  • Added ability to boot game from CDROM drive when Satiator ODE is installed.
    (Both original CDROM and game copied on CD-R are supported)
  • Added virtual nested folder support for Rhea/Phoebe ODE.
  • Improved Fenrir Save Data Manager.
    -> Speed of save data export to Fenrir ODE increased by up to 50%.
    -> Now on par with official loader in Fenrir firmware 2022/02/15 and above.
  • Improved color theme feature.
    -> New color themes.
    -> New cursor colors.
    -> Applies to all menus in Pseudo Saturn Kai and Save Data Manager.
  • Improved support for Prisoner of Ice, SimCity 2000, and Valhollian.
    (These games couldn’t save their 460/461 block save files because of Pseudo
    Saturn Kai settings being stored there too)
  • Added Per-Game Saves feature for Gamer’s Cartridge and Satiator ODE.
    (Automatically import save data from SD card to internal memory when loading
    a game and export save data from internal memory back to SD card when
    returning to Pseudo Saturn Kai)
    -> Prevent from flooding Saturn backup memory after playing several games.
  • Added support for Megadrive 3 buttons and 6 buttons controllers.
    (The support concerns Pseudo Saturn Kai only : games still require patching
    with third-party utility in order to support Megadrive controllers)
  • Added Save Data Recover tool in Save Data Manager.
    -> Recover accidentally deleted save(s).
    (Supports only Saturn internal backup memory right now)
  • Added SD card format feature for Gamer’s Cartridge.
  • Critical fix of Saturn internal backup memory handling by Gamer’s Cartridge.
    -> Please update the firmware of your Gamer’s Cartridge.
  • Critical fix of Save Data Manager not loading from CD-R.
  • Major addition of pre-recorded save files in Save Data Manager.
  • Major addition and fixes in built-in cheat codes list.
  • Compatibility fixes for a few games including 3D Lemmings, Congo the Movie,
    Krazy Ivan, The Hyper Golf, and Valora Valley Golf.
  • Many minor fixes and improvements in Pseudo Saturn Kai and Save Data Manager.